Baba Mastnath University

Vice Chancellor’s Message

Edward Bok , as editor and humanitarian, said that what the world calls ego and conceit is really a “divine spark” planted in man and that only those who had,” lighted the divine spark within them” have accomplished great things.

The motto of university is to ignite the divine spark with in each student. This is not a message on religion but in the final analysis one can not separate religion and human relations. Unless you believe that there is a Creator who has endowed us with unalienable rights with an innate worth, you can’t very well believe in people. Henry Kaiser has further said that you would automatically practice good human relations if you would remember that every individual is important, because every individual is a child of God. Everyone is a millionaire in human relations. The great tragedy is that lot man of us board our wealth, dole it out stingily or don’t even realize we possess it. The quickest way to improve your personality is to begin by giving away this wealth you posses. It does not give you anything and you need not fear that you will ever run out of it.

Here at “Mast Nath” we not only try to bring out good Doctors, Engineers, Managers, Physiotherapist, Pharmacists, staff Nurses and other professionals but a good human being also.I have an anecdote to quote from Ramayana when on one side Ravana is standing with large army and armour with Shri Rama singularly on the other side, Tulsidas ji writes,

On the worry of “Vibhishana” the reply of Lord Rama was:

Meaning: Victory is there wherever, there is armour of honesty truth, character, courage, conviction, equality mercy and benevolence.It is an era of materialism but the one who will not forget spiritualism will be victorius as Kabir Das Ji said:

Dr. Markanday Ahuja
(Vice Chancellor)
Baba Mast Nath University
Asthal Bohar